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Our Story 

There is no denying as a first responder there is an unspoken culture between us all.  We see things only others could imagine in their worst nightmare, we sacrifice like no one else would know and we can even struggle sometimes to maintain our connection to the loved ones at home.  Our schedules can sometimes make it challenging with long hours at work and days at a time spent away from our family.  After years of marriage and parenting with two first responders in the house we realized how important family connection and one on one time is.  Making the effort to disconnect and spend time with those you love most, is crucial for all first responders mental health. 


There is no question, every hero deserves a break.  Without taking a mental and physical break the everyday stressors of our job can start to creep up on us. 

We wanted to create a platform to keep our circle and culture together, to lift up one another by offering vacation opportunities specifically for first responders while also benefitting other first responders.  Sometimes the only ones who truly appreciate what we do are our closest friends, families and coworkers.  This business was meant to bring first responders together from all over the country to make a joint effort in supporting each other and benefiting one another.  


We hope you see us as an extension of your family and come to us to book your next get away.  


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